FEATURED Town and Gown Seminars (Capacity Building Workshop for Architects in Training)


Speaker:          Arc. Olubayode Ojo

Topic:               DARE TO BE DIFFERENT

Venue:              Digital Design Studio DDS, Department of Architecture

Time:                11:00 a.m. prompt

Date:                Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Brief Profile of the Guest Speaker:

Arc. Olubayode Ojo is an Architect with skills in design development, product development, furniture manufacturing and steel/ metal fabrication. He is currently MD/CEO of I-cubic Design Services Limited (, a custom built design firm offering Architectural and Furniture development services. He holds a Masters Degree from the Department of Architecture, Covenant University. Olubayode is passionate about human relations and people development.



The Town and Gown event commenced with an opening prayer; with Arc. A.O. Owoseni as the Master of Event. The Head of Department Dr. A.A. Oluwatayo gave a welcome remark followed by the citation of the Guest Speaker given by Arc. G.M. Alalade.


What makes one to be different?

According to the speaker, Arc. Bayo Ojo, being different is a matter of choice, it is a risk based decision made to stand out; the ability to choose a path. Being different is to choose economic independence over dependence. It is a decision to be a solution provider and to be innovative. Being different is to be an employer and not an employee


Recipe for Being Different

As a form of background, the speaker noted that to be different, one must first embrace

  1. Diversity
  2. Innovation and
  3. Branding

He stressed on branding given that as an Architect, “You need to be known for something; Architects do it in style.” He went further to corroborate this point when he posited that as Architects, you must “Be proud of who you are. Who you are is greater than what you see on the outside.”


Ways of Being Different Through Architecture

The Guest Speaker, Arc. Olubayode Ojo got to a crux of his presentation when he shared with the student audience, staff and faculty on specific ways to be different through the field of Architecture. He elucidated the following ways:

1. Furniture

2. Fashion

3. Interior design elements (decor wallpapers)

4. Lighting

5. Video game layout and Architecture

6. Film

7. Visual artistry and photography

He noted that architects are different because they are creators, problem-solvers, innovative, marketers, dreamer and planners, among others.



In his advice to upcoming architects, he stated that:

  1. It is important not to be afraid to try new things.
  2. Anyone who will distinguish him/herself will begin from now
  3. He said, “Do not underestimate Architecture. There is so much, the spectrum is wide. “Think entrepreneurially as you navigate through”
  4. Take the leap of faith. “I took the leap of faith and I started”
  5. “The work environment out there is tight. Dare to be different.”
  6. Architecture is a divine course. Don’t see it as a burden


The Town and Gown event ended with the closing remark given by Prof. E. O. Ibem and Mrs. C.O, Adetoro giving the vote of thanks. The closing prayer was led by Dr. F. O. Jegede at 1:03pm


Arc Bayo


ARCTG/18191/1/000     SEPTEMBER 2018 TOWN AND GOWN


Guest Speaker:  Arc. Tosin Osinowo, MNIA

Topic:                 The Business of Design: Turning a Service into a Product

Venue:                CST Conference Room

Time:                  11:00 noon.

Date:                   Wednesday, September 5, 2018

About the Guest Speaker: Arc. Tosin Osinowo is a member of Architects Registration Council of Nigeria and the Royal Institute of British Architects. She had practiced as an architect in London, before relocating to Nigeria, where she first worked with James Cubitt Architects, a leading architectural firm in Nigeria. She is currently a lead architect with cmDesign Atelier ((cmD+A), a firm that recently completed the Maryland Mall. She was nominated as the African Entrepreneur of the year by EbonyLife TV Sisterhood in 2017 and also received recognition as one of the 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria 2017


ARCTG/18191/1/001     INTRODUCTION

The seminar started at 11:00 noon prompt with opening prayer said by Arc. A. B. Sholanke. Arc M. E. Erebor was the Master of Events.



Arc. Tosin Oshinowo started her presentation by drawing the attention of the audience to the fact that the most of Africa’s population was 25 years or below. This, according to her is an opportunity for the young architect to excel as entrepreneurs. She shared her experience as an architecture student, starting from arts. She described herself as an afromodernist architect. Her aim is to create a legacy as well as an identity.

She described that architect as a generalist, who must know a bit of everything. In addition, she noted the need for the architect to strive for excellence, paying attention to details. She shared her experiences as a practicing architect. For every project, there was need for a background study of the building type, the site and the proposed use. She shared on some of her works, which include, the 4th Mainland Bridge, (where the challenge was to accommodate the public space for commercial activities), the Hive Shopping Mall, and several retrofitted spaces. 



She urged upcoming architects to:

  1. focus on creating designs that they want to become known for.
  2. build clientele within their level of experience
  3. network with persons in related fields
  4. endeavor to register as professional architects
  5. present themselves to appeal to their intended clients
  6. know enough about building materials
  7. go the extra mile in providing services to their clients
  8. put in their best even when working for others
  9. if you are good at what you do, the world will look for you
  10. always think about tomorrow, not just the money


ARCTG/18191/1/004     CLOSING

An interactive session followed the presentation. The closing remark was taken by Prof. A. B. Adeboye, and the vote of thanks by Dr. A. P. Opoko. The seminar ended at 12:45pm with a closing prayer said by Dr. P. Aderonmu.



ARCTG/18191/3/000     NOVEMBER  2018 TOWN AND GOWN


Guest Speaker:  Arc. Seun Oduwole (B.Arch, Dip. Arch, M.Arch  RIBA)

Topic:                 Defining a Contemporary Nigerian Architecture 

Venue:                CST Conference Room

Time:                  11:00 a.m. prompt

Date:                   Thursday November 1, 2018

About the Guest Speaker: Arc. Seun Oduwole is the Principal Architect at SI.SA. A graduate of the University of Nottingham, Arc. Seun’s career was shaped by experience in leading UK firms such as Sir Michael Hopkins & Partners, Benoy and Sheppard Robson where he designed and executed award winning projects around the world. He returned to Nigeria as founding partner at Brown inQ, before leaving to start SI.SA. Arc. Seun is also very passionate about the development of young architects and the promotion of good design.  He mentors a number of students, graduate architects and is also an active participant in the Show and Tell Lecture Series at the University of Lagos: a dialogue between students and creative professionals. He is also one of the founder members of AAND, an esoteric group of design professionals. He is a handicapped golfer, retired basketball player and a motorcycle enthusiast.


ARCTG/18191/3/001     INTRODUCTION

The seminar for November was anchored by Dr. I. C. Ezema. The meeting started at 11:05am with an opening prayer said by Dr. D. O. Babalola.



The presentation by Arc Seun Oduwole started with a brief narration of his experience as a student and an intern architect in Nottingham. He noted that he was privileged to see projects from concept to conclusion.  This prepared him to launch out as a sole proprietor.

He described architecture as a profession that requires the use of both the left and right sides of human brain. This is because architecture is both a science and an art.

He noted that the architecture important and each one on the profession has to take his/her role seriously. Positioning of any architect is important. For his firm, he said the first realisation was that it would be difficult for a new firm to get into the first (large corporate projects) and second tier projects (large private commissions). As a result, his firm focused on intelligent design solutions, time management, continuous learning, and readiness to supervise designed project (whether paid for or not) as strategies to get into the first and second tiers of commissions. 

He presented some of his designs. He noted the importance of space management, details and readiness to adjust designs as the need arises. One building may need more than 200 sheets to detail the different parts.


Arc. Seun advised upcoming architects to:

  1. be disciplined to go through all the processes of training


ARCTG/18191/3/003     CLOSING

The closing remark and vote of thanks for the seminar were given by Dr. O. A. Alagbe and Dr. O. O. Izobo-Martins respectively. The seminar came to a close at 1: 15pm with closing remark said by Mr. O. O. Olagunju.


ARCTG/18192/1/000     JANUARY 2019 TOWN AND GOWN


Guest Speaker:  Arc. Abayomi Omotosho-Ikuru (CMNIM, MNIA, M.Sc., B.Sc.

                             (Arch) ABU)

Topic:                 Architecture- Ego, Passion, Career or Business

Venue:                CST Conference Room

Time:                  12:00noon prompt

Date:                   Tuesday, January 29, 2019

About the Guest Speaker: Arc. Abayomi Omotosho-Ikuru (CMNIM, MNIA, M.Sc., B.Sc. (Arch) ABU) is the Principal Consultant, Head of Architectural Practice of Spaceweb Consulting Nigeria. He is a graduate of Architecture from the famous Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. He has over twenty-two years of post-qualification experience and has overseen major projects from inception to completion as an Architect, Project Manager and Executive Director. Arc. Abayomi brings to the firm his flair for Housing, Public, and Institutional Building designs. He is a fully registered member of the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON), the Nigeria Institute of Architects (NIA) and the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) amongst others. He is also a certified Pilot and holds the flying license of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). He is married with kids.


ARCTG/18192/1/001     INTRODUCTION

The seminar was anchored by Dr. O. A. Alagbe and started with opening prayer said by Dr. B. A. Adewale.


Arc. Abayomi Omotosho-Ikuru began his presentation by stating that no architect makes it without hard work. He noted that no firm gives the goung architect the king of job he/she wants. He noted that to make money in the profession, there is need for the upcoming architect to:

  1. Socialise/ network
  2. Think: “What can I add to the environment
  3. Be harmed with free-hand sketches
  4. Dress the money he/she wants to collect
  5. Leave an identity in all that is done
  6. Design the tool of business even when taking on other interests. He gave the instance of his being a pilot as a tool to get architectural businesses.

He stated the “don’ts” of the profession as:

  1. Do not appear cheap
  2. Do not wait for clients to give jobs/ create the jobs



In his advice to upcoming architects, he identified the need to:

  1. Research and use the power of case studies in all design endeavours.
  2. Use the power of theory to relate with professionals in other fields
  3. Have passion for the profession to survive and make a success of a career in architecture
  4. Be bold


ARCTG/18192/1/004     CLOSING

The seminar ended with the closing remark given by Prof. E. O. Ibem. Dr. O. A. Fulani gave the vote of thanks, while the closing prayer was led by Arc. A. O. Owoseni at 1:57pm




ARCTG/18192/2/000     FEBRUARY 2019 TOWN AND GOWN


Guest Speaker:         Chuka Ihonor 

Topic:                         Courtyards and Villages

Venue:                        CST Conference Room

Time:                         11:00am prompt

Date:                           Wednesday, February 20, 2019

About the Guest Speaker: Chuka Ihonor  studied Architecture at University College London and The Architectural Association School London. He worked at Godwin & Hopwood in Lagos before setting up design firm ARG Studio in 1994. Drawing inspiration from other pursuits of the modern movement including painting, sculpture, narrative and furniture design, ARG embraces new materials made possible by existing technology. He is on the Board of Trustees of Open House Lagos and a member of Legacy 1995. He runs 9H DesignTalk which holds a monthly design event in Lagos. He has always had a deep seated desire to explore ways to raise architectural awareness in Nigeria, promote the growth of critical design thinking and provide a platform for creatives to engage and collaborate.


ARCTG/18192/2/001     INTRODUCTION

The seminar was anchored by Dr. Omoyeni A. Fulani. The opening prayer was led by Mr. O. O. Olagunju


Chuka Ihonor began his presentation by noting that he will never turn down and invitation to speak about architecture, art or design. Architecture, according to him is enriched by the knowledge of products, fashion, etc. The presentation was hinged on way that architectural design can be enriched by the hindsight of traditional architecture of a place. This has informed all his designs. He described a building as a journey that needs not be a thoroughfare or a static form. Rather, it should be dynamic journey, depicting relationships.

He describes the traditional architecture of courtyard as one that creates an inner world away from the outside world. They also enhance the brightness of the inners space as openings can be created into them. The concept of street within a house depicts connections between spaces, which he often achieved with the use of bridges, between the villages he creates in his designs. As every village comprise of many parts that are linked, a building should also be divided into its component parts, although linked by streets. The presentation was marked with illustrations of houses that depict the three concepts.



Chuka Ihonor advised upcoming architects to:

  1. Learn to be strong with clients by taking a stand and standing by it. This should however be based on strong reasons that will benefit the client and the project.
  2. Build an identity. This does not however mean that the architect walks away from every disagreeable client.
  3. Work long enough in order to get the stage where clients want them for what they do.
  4. Pay their dues by going through the learning process
  5. Educate the client intelligently


ARCTG/18192/2/004     CLOSING

Chuka Ihonor ended the presentation by also advising that schools of architecture should reach out to architects in the field to enrich architectural education. The seminar ended with the closing remark given by Prof. E. O. Ibem. Dr. P. A. Aderonmu gave the vote of thanks, while the closing prayer was led by Mr. A. O. Akinola at 12:55pm