Research Area

The complexity of the built environment and issues associated with it obviously present a challenge to our ability to rethink and develop appropriate strategies for creating and sustaining safer and liveable human settlements.This is particularly important in the context of developing countries, where built environment issues have manifested themselves where we live and work, and thus constitute a serious threat to sustainable development.

At the Department of Architecture, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria, we believe that addressing contemporary built environment issues in the developing countries and globally requires a creative and dynamic approach to research and teaching. This can be achieved by striking a balance between practical and theoretical approaches to problem-solving, and undertaking a critical evaluation of existing solutions as the basis for developing new and appropriate ones.We also believe that the best way to respond to current and future challenges is to adopt multidisciplinary research strategies and tools in developing new solutions that are relevant to our context.Therefore,researchers at the Built Environment Research Cluster (BERC),Covenant University, Ota, are motivated to act by current and emerging built environment challenges confronting Nigeria in particular and the developing countries in general.

The BERC of the Department of Architecture, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria, comprises research and academic staff of different specialties, who are committed to identifying and engaging new ways of creating and maintaining a sustainable, safer and liveable built environment. Our strength draws on the experience of the faculty and staff as well as collaborations and linkages with the industry and Universities within and outside Nigeria, and we hope to be at the forefront of global research in the built environment

Aim and Objectives of the BERC

The overall aim of the BERC is to promote research and development in the built environment with a view to creating and maintaining a sustainable, safer, and liveable environment.

 In order to achieve this goal, the BERC seeks to pursue the following objectives.

                               I.           To identify the key challenges and gaps in current knowledge in the built environment in the context of Nigeria and other developing countries.

                           II.           To engage scientific,technological and economic research tools and strategies in seeking sustainable solutions to the challenges identified in I above.

                            III.           To produce a diverse range of research products ranging from journal papers, indexed conference proceedings, books and building products through to patents.

                           IV.           To engage in collaborative research activities that promote the creation and  advancement of knowledge in the built environment, and

                                 V.           To promote sustainability in all aspects of the Built Environment.

The Research Focus

Our research effort is focused on five inter-related areas: