Research Clusters



The department of architecture has a number of ongoing research projects involving researchers from within and outside the department. Some of the ongoing research works are undertaken under the Built Environment Research Cluster, while others are independent research carried out by groups of researchers.

(b) Group Research

Among the research projects undertaken on the platform of the established research clusters include:

1.Invetsigating the relationship between housing demand and provision of affordable housing in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria

This research, which is sponsored by a N1.6million  grant from the Covenant University Centre for Research, Innovation and Discorcery (CUCRID) is conducted by the  Education Practice and Behaviour Sub-Group of the Built Environment Research Cluster. The objectives of the research are to: a)   identify the building typologies and morphologies in the study area; b)  determine the building materials and constructional methods used in buildings in the study area; c)  examine the physical characteristics and condition (age, height, state of repair) of buildings in the study area; d)  determine of the extent of access to infrastructural services by residents in the study area; e) identification of existing urban design morphologies in the study area; f) explore housing demand patterns in the study area through investigation of housing preferences, socio-economic characteristics (disposal income, rental expenditure, etc) and aspirations of residents; and g)  make recommendations aimed at the provision of architectural solutions and urban renewal programmes that are better suited to housing demand in the study area.

Dr. P.A. Opoko, a seasoned researcher is the Principal Investigator in this research project. Other team Members are Dr. S.A. Oloyede; Dr. E.O. Ibem; Dr. O. A.  Alagbe; Dr. E. B. Aduwo; Dr. B .A. Adewale; Arc F.O. Jegede and Mr. Oloke

2. E-procurement adoption in the Nigerian construction industry

This another ongoing research project aimed at investigating and analyzing current adoption of e-Procurement and how its benefits can be successfully maximized in the Nigerian construction sector.  It seeks to ascertain the state of e-Procurement adoption in the construction industry and how clients use e-Procurement systems and tools to acquire services and works in the construction procurement process. The specific objectives are to: a) Identify users of e-Procurement and their experiences in the Nigerian construction industry; b)Ascertain the electronic systems and applications used for construction procurement; c)Identify aspects of the construction procurement process supported by electronic systems and tools; d) Investigate the factors that influence  the use of e-Procurement in construction in Nigeria; and  e) Analyse how the use of electronic procurement can be successfully diffused and its benefits maximised in the Nigerian construction industry to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of construction procurement processes.

The Research Team comprise Dr. E.O. Ibem (Principal Investigator); Dr. L. Amusan; Dr .A. O. Dare-Abel; Dr. E.B. Aduwo;  Dr. O. C. Iroham;  Arc O. Uwakonye and P. Tunji-Olanyeni.

3. Developing Design Expertise in Architecture Students

The research project is focused on education as a tool for the development of expertise. The study, which is conducted by Dr. A.A. Oluwatayo; Dr. A.P. Opoko and Arc I.C. Ezema seeks to identify what constitutes design expertise and how this is developed in architecture students. The study will further explore the factors that influence the development of design expertise in students of architecture

(b) Individual Research:

The Department has produced eleven (11) Ph.D. graduates between 2009 and 2014. Over 15 M.Phil/PhD students are current developing their Ph.D works in the department. The areas of our research activities  are diverse, and include but not limited to a) Architectural History; b) Housing and Urban Studies; c)Building Maintenance; d)ICT in Architecture; e) Architectural Education /Gender issues; f) and Post occupancy Evaluation.  The following are some of the developed Ph.D thesis titles by students in the department.

  1. Profiling the Environmental Sustainability of Residential Buildings in Lagos, Nigeria, Using Life Cycle Assessment (I.C.  Ezema)
  2. The acceptance and Use of Computer-Aided Architectural Design in Schools of Architecture in South-West Nigeria ( O. Uwakonye)
  3. Gender Issues in the Learning of Architecture: A Case Study of Covenant University, Ota ( O.A Fulani)
  4. Housing Quality of Selected Residential Estates in Lagos State Nigeria by ( O.D. Babalola)
  5. A Critical Study of Benin Traditional Palaces, Nigeria ( O.J. Ediae)
  6. Evaluation of Defensible Space in Public Housing in Lagos State (F.O. Jegede)
  7. The Pedagogy of Architectural Structures in Selected Schools of Architecture in Nigeria by (G.M.Alalade).
  8. Ornamentation in Yoruba Domestic Architecture in Osogbo: A Study in Form, Content and Meaning (A.K. Adegoke)