S/N Name Nationality Qualifications Rank Area of Specialization
1 Dr. E. O. Ibem
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 1998, M.Sc. (Arch) 2001, Ph.D. (Arch) 2011. M/ 2483 F/ 2474 Associate Professor Housing and Sustainable Urban Development
2 Prof. A. B. Adeboye
Nigerian ND (Arch) 1979, HND (Arch) 1981, B.Sc. (Arch) 1988, M.Sc. (Arch) 1990, Ph.D. (Arch) 2009, M/2413 F/2422 Professor Architectural Graphics and Ecclesiastical Architecture
3 Dr. A. P. Opoko
Nigerian B.Arch., M.Sc. (Construction Management), Architecture (Housing Studies), Ph.D (Arch) 2013. M/805 F/622 Senior Lecturer Construction Management, Housing Studies
4 Dr. A. A. Oluwatayo
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 1998, M.Sc. (Arch) 2001, Ph.D. (Arch) 2009. M/ 2294 F/ 2226 Senior Lecturer Architectural Practice and Sustainable Architectural Education
5 Dr. O. A. Alagbe
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) (1998), M.Sc. (Arch) (2000), Ph.D. (Arch) (2009).M/ 2659 F/ 2775 Senior Lecturer(Ag. Head of Dept.) History of Architecture, Housing Studies and Building Materials
6 Dr. I. C. Ezema
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 1984, M.Sc. (Arch) 1986, Ph.D (Arch) 2015. M/1110 F/1122 Senior Lecturer Sustainable Architecture and Professional Practice
7 Dr. E. B. Aduwo
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 1997, M.Sc. (Arch) 1999, Ph.D. (Arch) 2011 Associate Member of NIA Lecturer I Housing Studies and Interior Design
8 Dr. P. A. Aderonmu
Nigerian OND (Arch) 1994, B.Sc. (Arch) 1999, M.Sc. (Arch) 2001, M/2804 F/ 2742, Ph.D (Arch) 2013 Lecturer I Architectural Education; Architectural Psychology
9 Dr. O. E. Ekhaese
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 2000, M.Sc. (Arch) 2002, Ph.D (Arch) 2011, Associate Member, NIA Lecturer I Housing and Vernacular Architecture
10 Dr. B. A. Adewale
Nigerian B.Sc.(Arch) 1998, M.Sc. (Arch) 2000, M/ 2336 F/ 2461. Ph. D (Arch) 2014 Lecturer I Housing Studies and Specification Writing
11 Dr. O. O. Izobo-Martins
Nigerian B. Tech.(Arch) 2002, M. Tech (Arch). 2006, M/ 2703 F/ 2738, Ph.D (Arch) 2015 Lecturer I Building Maintenance and Recreational Architecture
12 Arc. A. B. Sholanke
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch. & Urban Planning) 1982M.Sc. (Arch.) 1986M/ 1777 F/ 925 Lecturer I Universal Design and Urban Planning
13 Dr. O. D. Babalola
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 1983,M.Sc. (Arch) 1985M/ 1264 F/ 1221 Lecturer II Construction Methods and Housing Studies
14 Arc. O. A. Fulani
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 2000M.Sc. (Arch) 2002M2996 F/2737 Lecturer II Gender and Architecture
15 Arc. O. U. Uwakonye
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 1994M.Sc. (Arch) 1997M/ 2957 Lecturer II Building Information Modeling and CAAD
16 Arc. O.F. Jegede
Nigerian B. Tech. (Arch.) 2000M.Tech. (Arch.) 2001M/2986 Lecturer II Architecture and Crime Prevention
17 Arc. G.M. Alalade
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 2006M.Sc. (Arch) 2008Registered with NIA Lecturer II Architectural Structure
18 Arc M. E. Erebor
Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch) 1991M.Sc (Arch) 1994M.BA 2000M.Sc. Computer Aided Design and Construction 2004
M/3269 F/3223 Lecturer II Architectural Practice and , Computer Aided Design
19 Dr. O.J. Ediae
Nigerian B.Sc (Arch) 1995M.Sc. (Arch) 1997Associate Member NIA. Ph. D (Arch) Lecturer II History of Traditional Architecture; Preservation and Conservation
20 Arc. A.O. Owoseni
Nigerian B.Sc.(Arch) 2011 M.Sc (Arch) 2013
Assistant Lecturer Learning Environment, School Design & BIM/CAAD
21 Surv. S.A.Ojo Nigerian B.Sc (Surveying & Photogrammetry) 1992M.Sc Surveying & (Geoinformatics)2001NIS, SURCON ( Licensed Surveyor) Lecturer I Land Surveying
22 Dr. A. N. Ede
Nigerian HND ( Civil Engr & Surv) 1986B.Sc & M.Sc (Civil Engr)2001Ph.D Civil Struct) 2008 Senior Lecturer Structures
23 Ms. O.C. Sonola Nigerian B.Sc.(Arch) 2012 M.Sc (Arch) 2014
Assistant Lecturer Architectural Technology and Construction Methods
24 Mr. O.O. Olagunju Nigerian B.Sc.(Arch) 2009 B.Sc (Arch) 2011
Assistant Lecturer Sustainability
25 Mr. A. O. Akinola Nigerian B.Sc.(Arch) 2012 M.Sc (Arch) 2014
Assistant Lecturer Urban Planning and Design
List of Visiting Lecturers
S/N Name Nationality Qualifications Rank Area of Specialization

1 Prof O. A Olotuah Nigerian B.Sc (Arch),, M.Sc(Arch), Ph.D(Arch), MNIA Professor Housing studies and Quantative Research Techniques in Architecture
2 Arc E. K. Ayo-Vaughan Nigerian B.Sc. (Arch & Urban Planning),1982; M.Sc(Arch) 1986, MNIA,M/ 1777F/ 925 Senior Lecturer Architecture & Urban Planning