PhD Architecture

PhD in architecture is a minimum 3-year full-time degree programme.

A candidate with M. Sc. (Architecture) with a minimum60% average or 3.50 CGPA or with M. Phil (Architecture) degree may be considered for admission.

Ph.D. candidates may present their research proposal in any of the following areas:

Tropical Architecture; Housing and State Policy; Housing and Design;Social, cultural and Demographic change; Informal Settlements and Community initiative; Architectural Education; Curriculum formulation and development;History and Theory of Architecture; Urban Design and Urban Regeneration;Changing Rural Habitats; Rural Development and Agrarian change; Rural Settlement and Migration policies; Gender issues; Architecture and Development;Architecture and Settlement Planning; Historical and Cultural Project Management and strategies; Influences on Design; Energy Efficiency; Application of Computer Systems in Architecture; Thermal comfort and Design with climate; Issues of the Built Environmental.

Graduation Requirements

A candidate who must have completed 14 compulsory course units before being allowed to proceed on the research aspect of the studies will be required to submit a thesis of original research work on previously approved topic for both internal and external examination and defence.