Faculty & Staff


Prof. A.P. Opoko
HODProf. A.P. Opoko
Dr. A. A. Oluwatayo
Associate Professor Dr. A. A. Oluwatayo
Dr. E. B. Aduwo
Senior LecturerDr. E. B. Aduwo
Dr. P. A. Aderonmu
Senior LecturerDr. P. A. Aderonmu
Dr. I. C. Ezema
Senior LecturerDr. I. C. Ezema
Dr. O. Fulani
Lecturer IDr. O. Fulani
Dr. O. N. E. Ekhaese
Lecturer IDr. O. N. E. Ekhaese
Dr. B. A. Adewale
Senior LecturerDr. B. A. Adewale
Dr. Oladunni O. Izobo-Martins
Lecturer IDr. Oladunni O. Izobo-Martins
Dr. O. D. Babalola
Lecturer IDr. O. D. Babalola
Dr. O.J. Ediae
Lecturer IDr. O.J. Ediae
Dr. G.M. Alalade
Lecturer IDr. G.M. Alalade
Arc. A.B. Sholanke
Lecturer IArc. A.B. Sholanke
Dr. O.F. Jegede
Lecturer IIDr. O.F. Jegede
Arc. A.O. Owoseni
Lecturer IIArc. A.O. Owoseni
Mrs. O.C. Adetoro
Assistant LecturerMrs. O.C. Adetoro
Mr. O.O. Olagunju
Assistant LecturerMr. O.O. Olagunju
Mr. A.A. Akinola
Assistant LecturerMr. A.A. Akinola
Mrs. V.A. Adeoye
Admin OfficerMrs. V.A. Adeoye
Mrs O.F. Oni
TechnologistMrs O.F. Oni

Visiting Professors & International Visiting Scholars

Prof Leke Oduwaye
Sabbatical ProfessorProf Leke Oduwaye
Dr. Cynthia Adeokun
International Visiting ScholarDr. Cynthia Adeokun

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